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An Overly Simple fixed-length FIFO/Queue

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

I’ve been thinking about a lockfree queue lately.  Well, on and off for a while now, but even moreso lately.  Most lockfree queues (ie Michael and Scott’s, etc) tend to be built from nodes, link-list style.  I’ve been thinking about going that way, but I have another idea stuck in my head, and it just won’t seem to leave.  So I think I better write it down and see where it ends up.  Possibly a hybrid of some kind – we’ll see. But to get there, I think we’d better start at the beginning, and build up from there, one step at a time.


printf(“Hello World”);

Friday, September 4th, 2009

Yeah, for some reason, my default helloworld is printf, not std::cout.

Maybe because that’s the way I originally learned it, or because although I’ve adopted C++ thoroughly, I never much cared for std::streams. Or any other file I/O. Whenever I encounter it, I tend to write something to wrap it and then work at a higher level, more in the context of the given problem space, not at the low level of I/O.

Well, this is it. The rough plan is to use this as a place to put my own thoughts/notes about things (concurrency, lock-free programming, GUI programming, etc) so that I can refer to them later. If others want to read them as well, I guess that’s just a bonus. Maybe. We’ll see…